28 maart 2006

New Applestore in NY

An photo overviewing the construction site.
Looks promising. But wait ! Wat is de guy doing in front of this picture ?

(more pictures from AppleInsider)


It hit the news several days ago. Windows is delayed again. But why ? The New York Times, has an article about the backgrounds of this decision.

I personally think it's a bad thing that Windows Vista is late again. If I'm about to buy a new computer I would not be waiting for the next-big-thing aka Vista. That new computer will be equipped with Windows XP, and when Vista is going to be in the store. I don't think I, and I quess a lot of other resonably satisfied windows-users, will not switch any time soon after the release.

Well, check the Times.

27 maart 2006

Doing taxes

Aaargh, frustration.

Taxes are due, so the caroussel of ordners, papers and all sorts of important documents are gathered for the feast. And the crowd goes wild, our house normaly an oases of dignity and peace turned up-side-down.

We sat behind our iMac doing our taxes. Everything goes just fine until... the upload of our carefully crafted documents. It stalls at 49%, and then hangs the whole app.

I had to force quit the application, restart it, an hope for the best. Luckily no information was lost, so I tried to upload the files again. The very same result. I checked the system-log file:

Mar 27 21:45:44 imac kernel[0]: (345: Aangifte 2005)tfp: failed on 392:
Mar 27 21:52:56 imac kernel[0]: (66: coreservicesd)tfp: failed on 0:
Mar 27 21:55:27 imac kernel[0]: (404: Aangifte 2005)tfp: failed on 408:

So there you have it. What to do ?

In my case it was fairly easy. I booted by G4 powerbook, copied the relevant files, and did the final upload from there. The Rosetta-magic didnt work for me this time. It had to be done from an PowerPC architecture machine, not from the INTEL DualCore architecture.

Just one of the examples of the not-just-quite-finished feeling I have sometimes with my iMac.

Brand new iMac

Joy to the world !

Well at last to my humble home. I finally took the step. My first personally bought computer in 7 years!

An iMac, the latest and greatest with Intel DualCore.

Now that was an small party, the kids helped me unpacking my present to myself. All the small parts got everywere.

First out the box, the CD's. They've seen that before, not so interesting. Next part, the mouse, nice. What's that grey bubble on top of the mouse doing there ? Well is a eeuhm thingy to scroll up/down/left/right through pages. Not so interesting either. Yeah! an iPod, a small one, but it's an iPod.

Sorry guys, thats not an ipod, it's the remote control... Not so interesting after all...

Next out of the box. The keyboard. They've seen one before, they are all the same. White. With keys, next!

Finally the screen (dad there's no engine ?, no son that is the screen and the "engine" altogether). It looks good, no scratches, no other small damages. Very nice.

We've placed the apparatus at its final destination. The MAC address is noted on the botton of the foot of the machine. I updated the Airport BaseStation, so we should be able to get online right after the installation.

The moment supreme. The mouse goes into the keyboard. The keyboard goes into the mac. The powercord goes into the mac and into the walloutlet. I press the *on* button.

The mac boots right into the install screens. Asks for my name, detects my wireless network, got itself an ipnumber and its done. Online. Without any hassle, not asking for the install dvd's. It just sits there waiting for me.

The kids climb behind the keyboard, and surf to disney online and start playing games. Just like that.

The unpacking of the mac took more time, than getting it online. I was impressed ? that's not quite the feeling. I felt absolete, insignificant. I prepared myself for an whole evening installing the new computer, when in fact it was only a matter of minutes.


Great for non-techies, but as an ict-professional with several year of working experience I guess I needed the thrill of non-installing hardware, missing cd's, chinese manuals and cold coffee.

My family likes the mac, and threats it as an normal household appliance, and that is just what it is. And I've found my thrills afterall... Not every app I use is Universal, not every app I use will even run on this mac. So it turned out, it's not much different than in the *old* days, you'll have to dig a bit harder to find the gems.

I couldn't do without my iMac anymore.

28 februari 2006

A very, very humoristic video about the what if qestion, like:

what if Microsoft is to repackage the iPod, Microsoft style.

12 februari 2006


Google is bigbusiness nowadays, but not everybody is to excited about it. Mostly there are concerns about privacy.

For instance the GMAIL service, it is an excellent mail service and more nice features are added regulary. Latest installment is the integration with GoogleTALK. Whenever you log into the gmail-service, you are also logged into the chat-service. Nice. And it works quite well. But...

It only works when you connect to the site via the HTTP link. And I don't like that. Because the entire session will be in "cleartext", which is not secure. Sure the login-credentials are exchanged via the HTTPS link, but the rest of the info (your mail, your contacts etc) are potentially readable by everyone.

So, what to do ? Well there is CustomizeGoogle. With this extention you can force the GMAIL session to be secure all the way (but it can do a lot more). Catch ? Yes, you cannot use the new chat function anymore.


This is an blog-tool that sits just right within your firefox browser.

The tool is just updated to version 1.1.1 (which is an bugrelease). Just tried it out on my trusty powerbook running OSX 10.4.4. Testing on LINUX in underway, but should not be a problem either. Keep in mind that it only works from within the Firefox browser.

You can download the Performancing tool from here. (its free)

Keep up to date with Vista

Now this is interesting,

The MS-VISTA is upon us. Well perhaps at the end of 2006. Something that takes this long to build _must_ be worth looking at.

At Microsoft campus they have tons of engineers programming at this update to Windows XP. To keep the audience (that's you) pleased there are quite a few video-interviews posted on the internet. (like how the outlook express is going to work)

These video's can be downloaded to your pc, of watched as a stream. (windows media of course)

Check it out at: channel9.msdn.com

into tech


In this blog I will try to keep up with ICT News.

Try that is, because news goes fast, and tech grows old at light speed.